How does it work?

  • Book your slot or slots through the Book Now page
  • Your access code will arrive 3 hours in advance by email and text (or after 15 mins if last minute) - you will then have 30 minutes to reschdule if you need to by following the link at the bottom of the email
  • Aim to arrive at the Run at your start time and be ready to leave just as it finishes (as a courtesy to the next person)
  • Please do NOT arrive too early and hang around annoying the people in the Run - you are likely to spoil their fun.
  • You have exclusive use of the Run for your booking (i.e. it's not a 'drop in' for anyone passing)
  • You can bring along/share with friends, family or anyone you want.Or not.
    • Clubs, Groups of more than 10 dogs, can only be accommodated in The Big Field - please contact me to discuss


How booking works

  • Harry's & Libby's: Slots are for 30 minutes each
  • The Big Field: half hour slots (yeah, I know that's also 30 minutes but it's a 'legacy' description ;-)
  • you are welcome to book as many as you like at a time
  • You can make multiple, recurring or block bookings up to 2 months ahead of time - there are usually discount packages available
  • Bookings can be made up to 20 minutes before the start time but remember you may not get the code in time so text me and I'll send it to you quicker!
  • As you make your bookings, the slot is reserved for you until payment confirmation is made or you move away from the page/close your browser
  • If you don't do paypal or credit/debit cards then either email me or contact me
  • make your bookings, pay through PayPal/Stripe and you'll get an email confirmation.
    • You will be emailed the code for the combination lock on the gate (changed on a frequent basis) in a reminder email and text approximately 3 hours before your booking or within 15 minutes or so if booking at the last minute

Going in and out

  • Please try to keep noise to a minimum, try not to disturb my neighbours
  • Please keep to the RIGHT when entering/leaving whenever possible to give space for other dogs who may be nervous or reactive.
  • Never assume other dogs are like yours (either good or bad)
  • Outside the Runs please give priority to people coming in

First time visitors

  • Make your booking(s) and if you find the Run does not suit you then I will give you full refund or free rebooking (exceptions apply)

To change your booking,

  • If you have saved your details/created an account on the booking system then simply log in and reschedule it yourself (at least 2.5 hours in advance), or
  • Contact me with your preferred time to rearrange and I will do it for you (more than 24 hours in advance if possible please). 

Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings can be rescheduled without charge up to 3 hours before your slot (if you don't know when for I can give you a rebooking code for when you're ready)
  • Cancellations for refund, must be notified at least 24 hours in advance and are subject to a 50p cancellation fee to cover PayPal/credit card fees
  • bookings cancelled due to extreme/unsafe weather (even at last minute or during your slot) can be rearranged free of charge by contacting me

Sometimes I will need to use the field myself at short, or no, notice (maintenance etc) and need to cancel some slots. I will give as much notice as possible but sometimes it is outwith my control (I need good weather to cut grass etc)


Any questions, problems or suggestions please contact me or 07946 605067 or through Facebook


Last updated May 2021


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