Welcome to The Big Field


 The latest addition to the art of walking a dog with issues is a wee bit different from the Dogruns so here's the story.

  • Accessed from the same car park
  • Parking & turning area is at the very top of the track (it looks rough & muddy) but I've taken an MX5 up there)
  • the whole area is fenced in with 2m high deer fencing set right down on the ground
  • There is rabbit fencing mesh at the bottom to keep even the teeny dogs inside

How it works (work in progress)

  • When you arrive at the gate look for cars/people/dogs
    • Only open the main gate when you are sure there's no one near
    • Open up, drive in, and immediately close & LOCK the gate behind you
    • then open the inner gate, closing it behind you
  • drive up to the top of the track, park and get ready.
    • If there is another car there, you must wait until their dogs are secure before letting yours out
    • You must be ready to leave, by the end of your hour
  • Walking tracks
    • The long track (near the yard) is not yet ready but there are a number of solid (but muddy) crossings near the top of the field
    • The short track at the gate is ready – the ground can be soft
  • In very cold weather the track can be impossible to drive even in a 4x4. Please use common sense, I cannot accept liability for damage to vehicles driven on the track.

Availability (subject to change)

  • Weekdays: 8am - 9am, then 3pm - 8pm
  • Weekends: 10am - 6pm
  • Public holidays: 8am - 6pm (these may include local Glasgow holidays, Xmas & New Year)

Big Field Terms & Conditions (these are extra) 

  • This is my back garden - respect my privacy please
  • You MUST pick up ALL poos - this area is covered by my CCTV. Those not clearing up after their dogs will be banned
  • Gates MUST be kept closed & LOCKED at ALL times
  • Do not let your dogs out until the previous ones are in their car/otherwise secure and safe
  • As ever, use of any of my facilities is at your own risk, and no liability for damage to vehilces, people, or animals, is accepted.

Warning: the area beside the track, and the parking area, is the working part of my smallholding and there is all sorts of stuff potentially hidden in the long grass although I've done my best to clear it all up.

  • Although the main gate should be secured, you should keep an eye on it at all times for others coming in
  • The walking tracks are new and may suffer some settling
  • the whole area is a mix of 'rough grazing' agricultural land which has not been farmed for generations

At times I may be working in the yard with the tractor, please keep your distance as it is often quite dangerous for all concerned!


These T&Cs are in addition to any/all others


E&OA last updated 24th April 2021