Are you wanting to be that little bit more 'green'? Why not use compostable poo bags ALL the time.

Our biodegradable dog poop bags have the best eco-footprint
to prevent "poop-prints"! These poop scoops are the environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic!

Advantages of the biodegradable and compostable BioBag Dog

Biodegrades and reduces short and long term littering effects. It is not Christmas all year, and we don't need to see nappy sacks and carrier bags with dog litter decorations hanging from the trees any more. BioBag Dog can be disposed in the undergrowth and will biodegrade with its contents(Be aware that some places "Bag it and bin it" is required).
Can also be treated hygienically in sewage plants with sludge digestion and will biodegrade quickly under these conditions
Allows moisture evaporation so contents dries out; if they are stood on "they won't mess the feet"
Are leak proof, allow aerobic biodegradation and prevent smell that occurs when dog waste "ferments" in a closed plastic bag.
BioBag Dog is a "Bio-plastic" bag based on corn starch and vegetable oil and does not contain any PE (Polyethylene).
BioBag Dog waste bags are certified as compostable according to the European standard EN-13432 (this means that they will biodegrade within 45 days under composting conditions).

Don't confuse our Biodegradable bags with degradable plastic bags.Some of our competitors claims to have biodegradable bags made from polythene. Just so you know it; they are not biodegradable! The degradation of the specially formulated polythene is mechanical and chemical and the polythene bags will fragment. Biological degradation rate in polythene bags is insignificant!

Easy closing - no tying needed (just pull the opposite rim through one of the holes)

A 'block' of 50 black poo bags just like we use in the Dogruns. Collect your order at your next visit.
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